We offer trekking and Camping opportunities to the passionate travelers in various exotic places. Things, you should carry, depend upon the type of trip that you have chosen with us. For trekking/ camping in hill areas or high altitude areas, you need to carry hiking shoes. For farm house camping or forest tenting, clothes and accessories should be chosen according to the weather conditions.

A few treks are friendly for children. We recommend bringing kids, who are at least 4 years old. In some trips, extensive trekking, hiking and rock climbing are required. For such cases, we do not recommend the trips for the kids. When you bring kids, make sure carrying their special medicines.

Yes, you can bring pets for your trip. However, you have to make food arrangements for your pets, as we do not have food arrangements for pets separately.

Certainly, yes! trekking or camping with adventure or thrill would not be enjoyable. We arrange various activities, like rock climbing, yoga sessions etc. More adventure activities are arranged on special request.

For trekking we shall make arrangements for your refreshments. However, you can additionally carry your own refreshments. Generally carrying fruits, energy drinks is recommended. We can supply refreshments as per your preferences, which have been provided prior to the commencement of trip.